Program Expectations & Suggestions


  • Following the announcement of mentoring pair assignments, the student should make the initial contact
  • Program participants should attend at least one GROW Mentorship Program networking mixer, if able


Set Ground Rules 

Setting the goals and rules of your relationship from the start will help avoid problems down the road. Both participants must feel comfortable with and agree to the ground rules. The number and type of rules will vary depending on the matched pair. As you discuss the ground rules, consider the following:

  • Types of interactions (i.e., e-mail, telephone, face-to-face, etc.)
  • Frequency of interaction (we suggest at least once a month!)
  • Length of interactions (we suggest at least one hour!)
  • Locations/times of interactions
  • What to do if one partner isn’t fulfilling their commitment to the relationship
  • Third-party involvement (i.e., coworkers, friends, students, etc.)
  • Confidentiality of discussions/correspondence and contact information

Questions to get you Talking:

  • Why are you interested in mentoring?
  • What do you hope to get out of the relationship?
  • What are your (student’s and mentor’s) professional dreams, aspirations and goals?
  • What are three things you have in common?
  • What are your hobbies or extracurricular interests/activities?
  • What do you like to do on the weekend?
  • What are your favorite and least favorite classes/subjects

Suggestions for Getting the Most of GROW:

  • Attend a monthly PRSA luncheon together
  • Discuss a project that you’re working on at work/school
  • Give a tour of your work/school
  • Shadow your mentor/mentee at a work or school event
  • Volunteer together
  • Share your resumes and critique
  • Keep a journal of your mentoring experience
  • Discuss an article from Tactics (PRSA) or another industry publication
  • Discuss an article from Forum (PRSSA) or another student publication
  • Discuss a current events story in the news
  • Work on a skill the mentee would like to improve
  • Meet for a meal or coffee
  • Attend a community event together (i.e., fundraiser, town hall meeting, civic organization, etc.)
  • Make monthly phone calls and e-mails to ask questions about the public relations profession
  • Introduce your mentee to other area public relations professionals
  • Review writing samples and other work and give your professional opinion/recommendation
  • Team up with another mentoring team for all the above activities